Monday, February 24, 2014

Episode 15 - Mi'kmaq Warriors Speaking Tour Comes to Toronto

LISTEN - 52:08

This show catches a fiery talk by Mi'kmaq Warriors Suzanne Patles and Coady Jipol at The Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre in Toronto's East end. 

Patles and Jipol were on a speaking tour to spread information about their work resisting the encroachment of industrial fracking in the area surrounding Elsipogtog First Nation in New Brunswick, and the legal battles that followed in its wake.

Song List:
Warrior Song - Live From Event

Guest Links:
Mi'kmaq Blockade

Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Call for an Inquiry into the 2011 Election Fraud

I asked Jim what I should write a blog post on and he suggested this petition calling for an inquiry into the fraud in the last federal elections, and the robocalls that targeted non-conservative voters.  As always, Jim's innate understanding of important current issues are keen, especially in light of The Fair Elections Act being presented by the Conservatives.  This Act- written and proposed without any input from the Chief Electoral Officer- does nothing to try and ensure that similar fraud cannot happen in the future.  And it's no coincidence that it's being presented in the election scandal's wake.  It feels more like an attack and a strategy than a genuine attempt to improve the election process.  If you think this Act is in anyway something to be proud of, try finding any reference to it on the Conservative's website.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Episode 14 - Sistering, A Woman's Place - Interview with Carol Allain

from left, Carol, Louis and Jim at Sistering
LISTEN - 59:05

Jim and I visited Carol Allain at Sistering, in Toronto, for this episode.  Sistering is a women's organization providing support through programs that enable greater control over their lives. 

This interview is our contribution to the twelfth annual NCRA Homelessness Marathon airing Feb 26th, 2014 from 5pm to 7am on 88.5FM CJSR in Edmonton and streaming from their website at

Items from Inspirations Studio on sale at Sistering
Carol Allain presently manages Drop In services for the women who need Sistering’s supports and services. 

Items from the Spun Studio on sale at Sistering.
Song List:
Faith Nolan - The Richest in the World
Mighty Diamonds - I Need A Roof
Pete Seeger - Banks Of Marble

Guest Links:

Spun Studio
Inspirations Studio
Homelessness Marathon