Friday, April 4, 2014

Episode 16 - Austerity and the Arts

From left to right: Carmen, Jim and Louis.
 LISTEN - 61:16

This week, we headed down to the Junction highlight Smash, a beautiful, vast, locally-owned showroom for high quality vintage material, furnishings, and fixtures to catch up with Carmen Victor. Carmen is an artist, curator and board member of YYZ Artist Outlet, one of Toronto's most established artist-run centres, who has a long and varied history of engagement with arts and culture  organizations in Canada.
Thanks again to Alder for being such a great host!
We had a loose, fiery and funky chat about the nature and effects of Harper's austerity cuts on the arts, the enduring 
value of the arts of Canada 
and some rays of hope for the 
That's an extra for a movie being filmed outside of Smash
during our interview.

Song List:
Starfucker by Julius
Frankencottage by Dark Mean
Gravity's Rainbow by Klaxon

Guest Links:
Carmen Victor

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