Thursday, April 24, 2014

Episode 18 - Maggie's: The Toronto Sex Workers Action Project

Listen: 59:10

This time around, we gathered around a table at the Imperial Pub for a lively and fascinating chat with three advocates from Maggie's: The Toronto Sex Workers Action Project. Maggie’s is an organization run for and by local sex workers whose mission is to ensure that workers of all genders from all areas of the sex trade can live and work with safety and dignity. We talked to Executive Director Jean McDonald, board member Madeleine North and long-time worker and advocate Monica Forrester about the current legal limbo for sex workers in Canada, the drawbacks to the Nordic model and the future of sex work in Canada.

The Morning by The Weekend
Private Dancer by Tina Turner
Get Some by Lykke  Li

Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform
After Bedford
Decriminalization Petition
The Imperial Pub

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